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We partner with non-profits to increase 

net fundraising by integrating event plans 

with strong marketing plans.

Fundraising Programs


Integrated marketing plans


    Marketing plans

    Our goal is to amplify your brand’s mission in one unified voice through all marketing channels to generate net positive impacts to your bottom line. These marketing channels include:

    • Web elements and website development
    • Digital marketing and social media
    • Email campaigns
    • Traditional advertising
    • Event and/or fundraising campaigns and collateral
    • Promotional products

    Need marketing support for just one or two channels? We can do that, too.

    Track progress

    We don’t stop there. We also assess results, then check and adjust. You won’t be left wondering whether or not you actually got promoted.


    Get an interactive, clean website for your unique business that will include:

    • Engaging call-to-actions
    • Email capture feature available - with custom branded newsletter template
    • Well-designed webpage that will set you apart from your competitors and help capture new clients
    • E-Commerce store feature available if desired
    • Connected social media
    • Galleries, testimonials, menus, surveys, most anything can be added that pertains to your business in particular! If you're unsure of what you need on your site, our team of critical thinkers can help brainstorm these potential add-ons to make your site most successful

    Brand packages


    We offer custom, creative branding

    There are many important aspects that are needed to create an overall successful and cohesive brand. A consistent brand creates brand recognition, customer loyalty, and distinguishes you from your competitors.


    Brand assessment

    Step 1: We review the branding assets you already have—your logo, your website and other existing branding materials.

    Step 2: We provide recommendations for your brand’s needs.

    Step 3: We promote your brand to awesome.

    Get started today by answering a few questions to help us get to know you & your brand a little better.

    Brand guidelines

    It is critical to execute your brand consistently through all channels—digital, print, web, promotional products, etc. Brand guidelines will provide a clear roadmap to help you consistently execute your brand. Based on your needs, we will arm you with all the essential tools to be able to do this well, including but not limited to:

    Brand style guide

    • Logo elements and variations
    • Mini Mood Board
    • Color palette
    • Typography
    • General logo usage rules


    • Stationery
    • Business cards
    • Collateral and banners
    • Digital elements
    • Signage
    • Vehicles
    • General promotional products

    Cohesive digital brand

    Your brand should be seamlessly recognizable offline and online to support brand recognition and effective market penetration. Our team can help you achieve these goals by developing the following digital elements as part of a brand package:

    • Custom branded newsletter template
    • Web advertising elements (web banners, ads, etc.)
    • Branded social media templates (if applicable)
    • Unique web icons (if applicable)
    • Branded call to actions that drive lead generation

    Promo Products


    Promote your business through branded gear your customers, patrons, fans, mothers and enthusiasts will want to keep and use.

    Our team of critical thinkers will match products to your target audience as well as provide unique designs for items that you may already have in mind.

    Promote your business

    We have a plethora of products ready on deck just for you—tents, banners, t-shirts, pens, window graphics, signage, safety gear, games, bags, headwear and much more. The possibilities are endless.


    Fundraising Programs


    The era is over for traditional one-time giving to non-profits. Competition for non-profit fundraising has increased with greater awareness of local, national and global issues. When businesses donate, they are now asking for the value-add for them beyond standard tax breaks.

    We partner with non-profits

    We can help increase net fundraising by:

    • Raising awareness of the non-profit’s mission
    • Seamlessly integrating event plans with marketing plans
    • Promoting online transactions and social media sharing
    • Evaluating and enhancing the value of being a first-time and repeat sponsor

    Contact us today to learn how we can support your next non-profit event.


    Retail Solutions



    Is your retail merchandise positioned well to sell?

    • Are your employees upselling and cross-selling at every opportunity?
    • Are you strategically managing inventory in a way that will generate demand for your products?
    • Are your customers making repeat purchases?

    When you purchase products through us, we work with you to help ensure that what you sell in-store gets promoted to move out the door and bring in sales.


    Selling online doesn’t have to be complicated or labor intensive. We implement eCommerce solutions to help you open up new avenues to generate sales.

    Pair an eCommerce solution with a great integrated marketing plan to help ensure your customers know all of the different ways they can shop your products.